“At 18 years of age a friend of mine introduced me to Wave Ski Surfing and I fell in love with it. Riding a Wave Ski is similar to any other form of surfing, however it is a bit harder on the body as being strapped in when you wipe out everything the board goes through your body also goes through!! In addition you then need to be able to perfect an Eskimo Roll so you can quickly get up right to get out of trouble; this (in addition to all the paddling) requires a strong core and upper body strength.

At 56 I felt I was losing that “edge” with respect to strength and fitness that you need in surfing and in particular when surfing big waves. Waves don’t care what age you are and it has become a greater challenge in my 50’s to keep that same level of fitness and strength as I had during my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I didn’t really want to go to a gym and I thought that maybe trying a personal trainer might push me that little bit more to help me get back that “edge” and that is why the I started personal training with Amber.

Amber does just; pushes me that bit extra while knowing where the limits are so as to avoid injury and going backwards. The sessions are both varied while containing the core exercises I require to achieve my goals. Because there is always something different included it keeps the sessions “fresh” and enjoyable i.e. not just the same old thing!

Whatever fitness goals you have I would highly recommend Amber to help you achieve those goals. She is a lovely young lady and a thorough professional who really knows her stuff and also knows how to work with a client so it becomes a team effort.” – Mark