Around 12 months ago I bumped into Amber while we were at a local coffee shop, and we discussed the various courses she was running. I told her that I was interested in doing some exercises for the purpose of losing my gut and some weight. Amber carried out an assessment of my medical background, and also that of my wife Denise. In 1998 I had bypass surgery with major complications, for 5 blocked arteries in my heart. My main concern with starting a fitness program, was whether or not I would have the dedication to stick with it.

We did some initial water aerobics and then moved onto one on one training. This training included boxing, Matwork Pilates, strength and stretching etc., and despite my original concerns that I would not have enough dedication to continue, I found that I was enjoying the training-particularly the boxing. The training period was also supplemented by Amber’s sense of humor. I also participate in a Pilates class as the token male, during with I become the butt of all jokes by the ladies in the group.

What impressed me initially was the way Amber started the program relative to my fitness, and progressively made it harder, so the intensity increased gradually. I had many aches and pains before beginning with Amber, and then suddenly found that they had disappeared. I have lost 12 Kgs in weight. I have found Amber to be an outstanding Personal Trainer, with a real care for, consideration and understanding of her clients.