The 8 week programme was structured on strength exercises, coupled with timed runs, structured stretching and constant muscle development. The trainers, Amber and Marcia were attentive to everyone during these sessions, mindful of each persons strengths, weaknesses and injuries. During the timed runs, we were monitored in regard to our running technique and given advice and guidance on how to improve. With two weeks prior to the run, I injured my knee, purely due to my right side weakness post stroke. I attended Caloundra Sports Injury Clinic and underwent physio and acupuncture to strengthen my knee and right leg. Toni, my physio worked miracles and she communicated with Amber so my training could be monitored through the last two weeks and make a programme to fit.

On run day, I ran the 10K, my first one, in 1:08:42 with no knee injury. I can honestly say that without this programme it would not have given me the tools to complete this run and would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their running.

I just want to add that the sessions were heaps of fun and lovely people with whom
to train.